“Open Policies can develop Scotland’s unique education offering, support social inclusion and inter-institutional collaboration and sharing and enhance quality and sustainability.”

This statement was the starting point for the Open Scotland Summit, which took place at the National Museum of Scotland in June 2013.  The Summit brought together senior representatives from a wide range of Scottish education institutions, organisations and agencies to discuss open education policy for Scotland. Facilitated by Jisc Cetis, in collaboration with SQA, Jisc RSC Scotland and the ALT Scotland SIG, Open Scotland provided senior managers, policy makers and key thinkers with an opportunity to critically reflect on the national and global impact of open education, to share strategic priorities and to scope collaborative activities to encourage the development of open education policies and practices to benefit the Scottish education sector as a whole.

The Open Scotland blog will act as a focal point to engage the community in discussion and debate, disseminate news and developments relating to all aspects of openness in education and to further the actions and deliverables discussed at the Summit.

If you would like to contribute to the Open Scotland blog, please contact Lorna at lorna.m.campbell@icloud.com

Open Scotland is supported by Cetis, SQA, Jisc RSC Scotland and the ALT Scotland SIG.

Cetis, SQA, Jisc RSC SCotland, ALT Scotland SIG

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Open Scotland, please follow this blog and keep and eye on the #openscot hashtag. You can also contact the Open Scotland team directly:

Phil Barker phil.barker@hw.ac.uk
Lorna M. Campbell lorna.m.campbell@icloud.com
Linda Creanor l.creanor@gcal.ac.uk
Sheila MacNeill sheilamacneill@me.com
Celeste McLaughlin celeste.mclaughlin@glasgow.ac.uk
Joe Wilson joe.wilson@sqa.org.uk

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